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The Sojourner

The four things of fours: the seasons ripe with
evidence of their changing ways, the gospels that

offer singular perspective to merge into a glorious picture,
so seamless like the elements in which the very soul is shaped,

along the road that had no beginning and no end, yet meandering
in such a way that each pause feels like I have begun again, in a circular

motion that connects me to the earth. With each breath the
rhythm of my humanity is comfortably familiar, and yet

the soul never seems to gather it’s comfort when feet
touch the ground and eyes watch every step, or gaze

intently at the trees for evidence of the season to
which they belong. And trees, although ancient

is their wisdom, cannot go where I have been, or where
I long to go. The roots that anchor them solidly in fierce

times when the elements are trying to merge, are the very
chords that bind them helplessly to their unmovable positions.

So I look up to see primates swing from limb to limb in an effortless
movement of holding on and letting go. The wonders of God are indeed

evident in all of His creation, and I am no different, yet find comfort in
trusting that I am just a sojourner traveling shortly on this windy, dusty road.

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