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Yesterday I was missing

the absolute love sustaining my eternity.

I missed the feeling

that all was just quite right.


Today I am longing

for that nakedness of soul,

when everything I was, I am,

is perfect, and enough.


Tomorrow I will have a faint remembering,

just sufficient to spark my yearning

for that infinite expansiveness

of my union with all that is.


And then I shall.


I shall miss

the feeling of cool, moist, raw earth under my bare feet,

and hearing the quail woo his lifetime mate,

calling to her with his gentle, rhythmic cooing.


I shall long

to feel my loverā€™s hot breath on my naked skin,

and to smell the musty scent of fresh rain,

as it tenderly moistens all that is dry.


I shall have a faint remembering,

just sufficient to spark the yearning

for the singular smallness I felt

when I gazed at the night sky with hope and wonder.



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