All Paths Lead Home

Ezekiel Jacob Brenner- that’s a strong Biblical name- a name that he has grown to detest. “Jake” couldn’t get away from that dust bowl fast enough. Determined to have a life very different than the one of his rigid and unforgiving childhood, Jake sets his course for Los Angeles. Earning his marketing degree from UCLA, he lands a prestigious position for a major sports network. But he finds the monotony and loneliness of urban life as an insecure, introverted career professional almost intolerable. He can’t seem to get out of his own head. But the Universe finds a way of giving us exactly what we need, even when we have no idea what we’re looking for- enter Ember Grace Smith. Em is a tenacious survivor in every sense of the definition. She challenges the status quo, but also as her name suggests, does so with the absolute grace of one sure of herself and rooted in her spirituality. Growing up in a firmly Christian family, Em embraces her faith, but circumstance encourage her to explore and expand her understanding of conservative Christian teachings while grasping ideas from a variety of spiritual schools of thought. Skeptical of Em’s spiritual ideas, she is still everything he could imagine his soul mate to be, and so much more. But there’s one problem: Em has a secret. Zeke’s passive resistance to any notions of spirituality slowly give way to a spiritual awakening, even as he struggles to accept his and Em’s fate. Embarking on a journey together that takes them to the jungle of Peru, they both find hope and healing in the most unexpected and unorthodox ways.


All Paths Lead Home is an intimate tale of self discovery that intersects the lives of two very different people, both wrestling with big issues. Exploring themes of love, sexuality, health, acceptance, self-discovery, mortality, and purpose within a context of spirituality, it is a layered and timely novel intended to stir the soul.


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