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An Evolutionary Tale

We unapologetically come like this,
stiff upright backs on two flat feet.
We fight to steady our delicate positions,
strong winds swaying us to and fro.
The path is narrow
between holding on and letting go.
between accepting who we are today,
while we continue to strive to be more.
between being grateful for what we have,
and having the desire for something different.
between the staunch boundaries of independence,
and the blurry lines of interconnectedness.
between doing and being.
between male and female.
black and white.
youth and old age.
brilliance and insanity.
love and hate.
flesh and spirit.
heaven and hell.
The path is narrow between living while dying.
But the north wind is always more than enough to tire us,
pushing us forward without mercy on our southward journey,
eventually dropping us to our hands and knees.
Our awkward leg extensions drag behind-
remnants of our evolutionary tale.
Down here a steadiness takes hold.
A gentle east wind brings ancient memories
that teach us how to walk on all fours.
Eye-to-eye with our companions,
Mother Bear, and Father Wolf,
Sister Raccoon, and Brother Badger.
Exhausted relief in our voices, “Oh, there you are!”
They forgivingly reply, “Yes, and we’ve been waiting long enough.”
And then they take the lead in guiding us down the ever-widening path.
This is how we go.

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